Legal situation

For many years a prescription of dried cannabis flowers in Germany had not been possible, and more recently only by exemption. Such an exemption permit was granted according to § 3 (2) BtMG.

As of March 10, 2017, a prescription of dried cannabis in Germany has become generally legal.

Now, seriously ill patients who do not have adequate therapeutic alternatives (“when a generally accepted medical standard is not available in a particular case”) are allowed to obtain dried cannabis flowers and cannabis extracts in standardized quality after a corresponding indication by a physician (keyword: “freedom of therapy”) through a prescription at pharmacies.

Through an amendment in the fifth book of the Social Code (SGB V) a corresponding reimbursement possibility by health insurance for patients of the aforementioned group was also created. The reimbursement shall be linked to a scientifically monitored data collection in order to obtain further information on the effects of the medicinal cannabis products in question.