The Hanf AG (hemp corporation, stock company) was founded in May 2016 and was registered in the commercial register of the district court of Hamburg on June 15, 2016. In particular, the company has the purpose of obtaining a license for the cultivation of medical cannabis in Germany and then to produce medical cannabis flowers within the framework of this permission.

With this objective a number of highly qualified and entrepreneurially experienced persons have come together as partners and founded the Hanf AG. Beyond the experience and qualifications the company is supported by contacts to administrative and legal structures as well as a longtime insight into discourses and processes.

Recent political developments have now made the company’s objective legally possible and practically accessible too.

As can be observed in other countries (e.g. the Netherlands, Israel, Spain, Uruguay, Brazil, many US states as well as Canada and many others), where laws with similar objectives have been adopted or are imminent, following the adoption of the “Cannabis as medicine – law”, a state-owned” cannabis agency” has been established which will soon grant several permits for the manufacture of THC- and CBD-containing cannabis flowers (“medicinal hemp”) within the framework of a tendering procedure. The national demand for medicinal hemp is to be met by own cultivation of licensed companies soon.

Until then, however, the import market for medicinal cannabis flowers will remain in focus; the Hanf AG might also be active in this area.